Affiliate Marketing Then and Now – Roundtable Discussion

Listen to host Deborah Carney in a roundtable discussion about how affiliate marketing got started and how it has evolved with some of the people that have been in it since the beginning. Are they in the same place they were when they started? Where do they see the industry going?

Listen as panelists Todd Farmer, Todd Crawford, Connie Arnold, Scott Jangro and Brian Littleton have a lively discussion, history you probably don’t know, and as they answer some burning questions about the beginnings of our awesome industry. Our industry is so young that we want to capture the thoughts about it’s growth some of the leaders in the industry. No one currently in our industry wanted to grow up to be an affiliate or affiliate manager, the jobs didn’t exist. But now, there are many young people whose parents are in the industry and they kinda would like to do what Mom and/or Dad does.

Let us know what you think about this format! Who would you like on a future podcast in this style? Or would you just like to hear more from this crew? :)

Viator Affiliate Newsletter Think Tank Edition

The Team Loxly Crew is heading to sunny (Hopefully) Charlotte North Carolina next week for Shareasale’s annual Think Tank from October 19th to the 21st. We are looking forward to meeting with current affiliates and meeting with new affiliates. If you are planning on attending make sure you meet up with us. Since we are talking about Charlotte I did a quick search on some products and here is what I came up with. Odds are if you have a website that is destination based you could find similar offerings in Viator for your city.

Taste your way through North Carolina’s biggest city in a fun, scenic way on this Charlotte bike tour. Following your guide on an easy ride, admire sights of sprawling parks, gardens and neighborhoods such as Uptown, South End, Dilworth, NODA and Plaza Midwood. You’ll visit several popular local eateries to enjoy finger-licking Southern favorites such as chicken wings, calamari, fried pickles and cornbread. Some of these food establishments have been featured on the Food Network! Your guide will provide commentary about Charlotte’s bustling food scene and history. Click below for the html code you can copy and paste into your site. Replace USERID with your Shareasale ID


If you visit in the summer, on your ride through The Green – a world-literature themed park tucked into downtown – you might catch a glimpse of one of the Charlotte Shakespeare Festival’s summer performances in the park. Click below for the html code you can copy and paste into your site. Replace USERID with your Shareasale ID
Charlotte, North Carolina’s largest city, is a great place to explore by bike. On this morning or evening tour, pedal through sprawling parks and down beautiful tree-lined streets while learning about Charlotte’s history, culture, architecture, art and entertainment from your guide. Highlights on this Charlotte bike tour include Levine Avenue of the Arts, the Mint Museum, the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, the Gantt Center, Trade and Tryon and Fourth Ward Park. To add this to your site just copy and paste the code below and replace USERID with your Shareasale ID

We have hundreds of banners and text links available for our program. Sign in to get more links and banners at Shareasale.

When we get face to face meetings with affiliates I like to take a look at their website and give them a few pointers on how to make their site better. Not just in choosing Viator products but also for SEO purposes and conversions. If you are not attending ThinkTank I would also like to extend this to all our affiliates. Just send me a message at with your website URL and I will take a look at it.

Viator Most Popular Affiliate Banners

Here is some links to our most popular banners. You can copy and paste these right into your site. Just replace USERID with your Shareasale ID.





We are here to help you!

Your Viator Affiliate Team

Debbie, Vinny and Liz


Skype: affiliateabcs

Meet Team Loxly at Affiliate Summit

We are heading to Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas. It starts on Sunday January 12th – 14th at Paris Casino in Las Vegas. We would like to meet with you and discuss ways that you can make more money in our affiliate programs.

Feel free to contact any of us and make a time to meet up. If you would like to do a one-on-one and have us go over your site to see how it can be optimized for both the search engines and to make you more money meet with us at Affiliate Summit. If you can’t make it to Affiliate Summit but you want to have us go over your site feel free to send Vinny an email at and we can set something up.

Deborah will be speaking on a panel about working from home. While people like to say that you can work in your pajamas that doesn’t quite cut it all the time. It takes a lot more than that to get all the work done. Her session is on Tuesday at 10am with industry veterans Shannon Weidemann, Karen Garcia, and Scott Jangro. Combined they have over 30 years experience of working from home.

Liz and Vinny will be in the audience so if you want to stop by and say hello don’t be shy. We are here to help you make money with our affiliate programs.

Check Your Affiliate Site on a Mobile Device

I am always telling affiliates to get an email sign up form on their website. I try to drive the point home to them that once an affiliate has an email list they can use that email list over and over again and get multiple sales. It is so hard to persuade a reader to take out their credit card once, never mind over and over again.

Smart affiliates have figured out that it is very hard to get your website found and once you have that site visitor you have a small opportunity to get that customers attention.

Getting that reader on to a newsletter list can lead to getting that reader back on your website without them having to use a search engine again. You hear all the “Affiliate Guru’s” telling you the money is in the list. Guess what, they are right.

Some things have changed though in the last year or so that is actually costing you sales and visitors to your website. In the past I have had a No-Popup policy when it comes to my websites. I strayed along that and put a few pop ups for email sign ups on few of my sites. While I was loving the additional sign ups the site was getting I was baffled by the mobile traffic. To be honest I wasn’t paying attention to mobile traffic that much and at first it didn’t concern me that my bounce rate was almost 100%. Yes I said 100%!

Don’t Take Mobile Traffic for Granted!

It wasn’t until I looked at my sites on a mobile device that I noticed the problem. Sure I had looked at my sites on my smart phone but that was ages ago and it looked just fine. I didn’t notice that the sites I had put the pop up on was the only sites with the 100% bounce rate. Usually I get a site visitor to sit on my sites for 5 minutes and visit 4 to 5 pages. It was only after I sat down on the couch with my iPad one night when it hit me. Since my pop up was configured to pop only once to new visitors I got the pop up on the iPad.

Well it stopped me in my tracks. The pop up was nothing like I had it looking on a normal site. It was huge and there was no way to close out the pop up and visit the site. As a user I was mad, as the site owner I was even more mad that I didn’t pick up on this before.

So lets see, I was telling Google through my analytics on mobile that my site sucked and that I wasn’t up to date on mobile. Exactly what I didn’t want to happen.

I encourage you to take a look at your websites on a mobile device, make that a few different mobile devices and see what your site looks like. You may be surprised by what you see. I would bet that you won’t be happy with what you will see.